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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

Values and Ethos

We are a school community in which everyone can flourish.  We care deeply about ensuring that all students experience a vibrant and fulfilling education which supports them in developing both their individual qualities and academic qualifications.  We believe this can only be achieved through a student centred culture which is dynamic, challenging and affirming.

We are a large and growing school which is a welcoming place where students are known and nurtured.  Our five houses bring students from all year groups together with pastoral care also provided through a year group system.  This combination of house and year based relationships serves to offer a wide range of friendship groups, opportunities for responsibility and academic and pastoral support.

In order to support young people in preparation for adult life we look well beyond examination results whilst having high expectations that all students should fulfil their academic potential.  We therefore focus on developing the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge that grow confident and independently thinking young people who are ready to learn and embrace challenges and opportunities well beyond their time with us at school.

Our ASK framework clearly expresses our values in relation to the development of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge.  The five core attitudes we encourage and develop are Curiosity, Creativity, Co-operation, Communication and Consistency.

Our skills framework is named TENSILE, a word which means ‘capable of being stretched’ and a way in which we challenge and support our students in developing the transferable skills required within and beyond school.  These skills are Teamwork, Expression, Numeracy, Solving Problems, Independence, Literacy and Enquiry.

We believe that a confident grasp of subject knowledge is best acquired through the development of these positive attitudes to learning and the growth of these tensile skills if our young people are not only to succeed at school but also in their future lives.

We are a school of leaders, in which all staff and students grow in the skills and confidence to develop initiative, self awareness and responsibility towards and for others.  We very much see leadership as not solely a position but as a disposition and encourage its development in staff and students through a wide range of opportunities. We actively engage with parents and the wider community to assist students in developing skills and qualities to become independent and self- sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute in a global community.

We therefore provide a diverse range of educational experiences in a safe environment that encourages self-discipline, motivation and excellence. All of this is supported by the coherent learning journey provided from transition to Y7 all the way through to the Graduation Certificate in Y13. This blends personal development, extra-curricular opportunity and academic challenge so as to ensure that every student is well prepared for both their examinations and their experiences after their time with us at Shenley Brook End School.