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    Headteacher's Message

    Welcome to the website for Shenley Brook End School.

    We are a school at the heart of the local neighbourhood that we serve. All our students live within a short distance from the school and there is a real feel of everyone knowing each other.

    Shenley Brook End School is a vibrant and exciting community. We aim to provide an outstanding, positive learning environment and value the high quality of relationships that enable this to be true of all aspects of school life.

    We support and encourage our students to try their best to achieve success in all areas and help prepare them for their future choices, not only in their academic learning, but also within other areas such as music, sport, art and drama.

    We hold high expectations of each other and seek to support each other in ensuring that all members of the school community enjoy an enriching and fulfilling experience during their time here. We have a traditional ethos and our combination of an innovative, modern curriculum and supportive parents have contributed to the school’s success.

    The predominant focus of the school is on working with students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which combine to create successful and independent learners. We seek to provide a stimulating and challenging classroom experience in partnership with excellent student support systems that includes House and Year Leaders.

    We have combined the best of a “vertical” house system that allows us to enhance individual progress as a student moves through the school (and allows students of different year groups to meet and work together within their house) and a “horizontal” year system that allows us to work with students in their specific curriculum year (and in which their forms are based).

    We plan an exciting range of opportunities beyond the curriculum that aim to enhance students’ personal growth and development and increase their awareness of how they can best contribute to the school community and beyond.

    Our culture is well expressed in our maxim ‘Success through Learning’.

    I hope that you enjoy visiting our website.

    Mr Martin, Headteacher

      Leadership & Training Centre