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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School


School uniform is an important part of the ethos of Shenley Brook End school and all students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and their association with the school at all times. School uniform should be worn to and from school as well as during the school day.

Uniform Girls and Boys
  • No extremes of fashion or unnatural hairstyles.
  • No use of unnatural hair colours.
  • Girls may wear make-up if it is discreet; no nail varnish, no acrylics or gels.
  • Excessive make-up and nail varnish that is not acceptable will have to be removed.
  • Jewellery should not be worn to school with the exception of a watch and one small stud or small hooped earring – one in each ear. 
  • Large hoops and ear stretchers are not permitted. 
  • Only ear piercings are allowed. 
  • No other piercings including tongue, facial and nose piercings.
Blazers must be worn at all times when inside the school building.
We would prefer coats (worn over the blazer) to be a plain dark colour. They cannot be worn in the building, except during colder weather, as notified by the headteacher; they must not be worn in lessons.
During very wet and snowy weather students may wear boots to school.  They must bring their normal school shoes to change into once they are in the building.
Head Coverings
Head coverings which are allowed for religious purposes should reflect the nature of the overall school uniform and should be black in colour (white is permitted during the time of the summer uniform).
Summer Uniform
Students will be notified when they may wear the summer uniform, (usually from after the May half-term).  A plain white polo shirt (without logo) can be worn instead of a shirt and tie. If students are cold then the blazer should be worn over the polo shirt.  (A pullover on its own must not be worn without the blazer.)
In extreme hot weather the headteacher may authorise the boys to wear their school PE shorts. Notification will be announced on the school website and the plasma screens. This option is not available to the girls who already have the option to wear a school skirt.
Uniform Checks
There are regular uniform checks and students who are not in the regulation uniform and cannot arrange a change of uniform may be placed in isolation to work during the day and be set a detention.
Non-uniform items including jewellery that is not permitted may be confiscated.
Uniform Guidance
Black school blazer and badge
  • Blazer badge with border appropriate to the year group and house colours.  Can only be purchased from Maisies.
Plain black school tailored trousers
  • Straight legged full length trousers (without turn-ups) of acceptable material.
  • Concealed zip front with concealed or one black non-metal button fastening.
They should be smart and appropriate for school and working in a formal professional environment.
  • School trousers should not be of a casual nature, such as denim, cotton, chinos, stretch or narrow leg, and should be without additions such as metal or embellishments.
Suitable trousers that meet our requirements are available at Maisies .  You may buy trousers from other retailers however, these must comply with our regulations.
Plain black skirt
  • Skirts should be straight or A-line with small split/pleat at back; pleated skirts are also acceptable.
  • Skirt length should be knee length or just above or below the knee.
  • No tube skirts, stretch or jersey material.
Plain black belt (optional)
  • Without oversized or ornate buckle.
School tie
  • Worn at a reasonable length.  Can only be purchased from Maisies.
Plain formal white shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Shirts must be fastened at the neck and tucked into trousers or skirt.
  • Vest/T-shirt worn as a vest must be plain white.
Plain formal black shoes, black laces
  • No Vans, Converse, Nike or trainer style shoes with fabric inserts/labels on the front, side or back. 
  • Shoes should be of leather or leather type material.
  • No boots.
  • No velcro fastenings unless authorised by school.
Plain black socks or for girls plain black or flesh coloured tights  
Plain black long-sleeved v-neck pullover Optional. Worn under the blazer with tie clearly visible. (No cardigans.)
PE Uniform Guidance
Polo Shirt – red with SBE badge
  • Can only be purchased from Maisies.
Shorts – plain black shorts
  • ‘Football-style’ shorts with no logo or with a small inconspicuous logo.
Indoor training shoes
  • Non-marking gym floor safe trainers (astroturf trainers are suitable).
Outdoor studded boots
  • Suitable for use on the grass playing fields. (Metallic or plastic bladed studs). For boys and girls.
Plain red socks, knee length
  • ‘Football-style’ socks (during winter/spring months).
White trainer/ankle socks
  • All year round.
Shin pads
  • For boys and girls during football.
Plus at least one of the following
Rugby Shirt – red with black stripe, white collar and SBE badge
  • Can only be purchased from Maisies
Sweatshirt – plain black with SBE badge
  • Can only be purchased from Maisies.
Waterproof jacket – SBE branded
  • Can only be purchased from Maisies.
Optional items
Tracksuit bottoms – plain black
  • With no logo or with a small inconspicuous logo (tracksuit bottoms which match the SBE tracksuit top can be purchased from Maisies).
Black or red base layer
  • Available from Maisies.
Black sports sprint/fitness pants (for girls only)
  • Available from Maisies.
Gum shield
  • Recommended but not compulsory

All school uniform can be purchased from Maisies at the shop in Church Street, Wolverton, MK12 5JW or ordered at

All items specified as ‘Shenley Brook End School approved’ sold by Maisies satisfy our requirements; if using another supplier, please ensure that items are acceptable to the school.

Selected items can be bought from other retailers eg John Lewis, M&S and Tesco but must conform to the uniform guidance.

Items of uniform should be clearly marked with students’ names.

Please be aware that some shops sell items as ‘school wear’ that do not fulfil our requirements.