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Psychology is a subject built on the wish to know more about yourself and others.

An inquiry into research, theories and evidence.

Why do we behave differently in a group? How are memories constructed?  How does the biology of the brain drive behaviour?  What is the meaning of dreams?

The Social Sciences department works by the principle that every individual student may achieve personal excellence. The department continues to develop students understanding of people and the different worlds in which they live, we develop students understanding of the influence of the natural environment on human activity by studying the diversity of people from historical and contemporary perspectives.

The Team/Facilities

The teaching team consists of specialist members of staff in both of our areas Psychology and Sociology. We are as a team committed to spreading the enjoyment of what are our two favourite subjects! We are a well-resourced department with interactive white boards, resources for wider reading and last but by no means least our active teaching style.

Key Stage 4

Psychology is about understanding humans. Psychologists are interested in learning about the human mind and behaviour. It involves lots of questioning and investigation and looking at things from different perspectives.

There are three exam papers for this subject and no coursework.

More information can be found by visiting or contact Mrs L Samadi.

Sixth Form

Social Sciences offer Psychology and Sociology at A level. Both follow the AQA syllabus respectively.

The topics covered include social influence, memory, attachment, schizophrenia, research methods, gender, aggression and approaches.

A significant number of students go onto higher education to continue with Social Sciences related subjects including Law with Criminology, forensic criminology, English with Sociology, teaching, sports psychology, social work, police, nursing, counselling, etc.

More information can be found by visiting the AQA page for Psychology, alternatively contact Mrs L Samadi.