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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School



We study PE to become Happy, Healthy, Successful individuals. 

Our curriculum is designed to emphasise the transferable life-skills that can be developed through sport and physical activity. Our learners become physically literate – possessing the motivation, confidence and physical competence to empower themselves to move more and lead healthier, more active and more well lives. 

We use the SPORT framework to focus year on year on: 

Developing Skills 

Understanding the Psychological Benefits 

Knowing and taking Opportunities 

Building Resilience 

Showing great Teamwork 


These are taught through a variety of practical activities which are selected from the following list on a rotation basis throughout the year: 

‘Outwitting Opponents’ – invasion (football, netball, basketball, rugby, handball), net (short tennis, badminton, tennis), striking & fielding (cricket, rounders, softball) 

‘Accurate replication of skills’ – gymnastics and parkour 

‘Exploring & communicating ideas’ – dance & yoga 

‘Exercising safely & effectively’ – health-related fitness 

Identifying & solving problems – orienteering, team-building and team based activities 


We aim for physical education to be for everyone and for it to be the basis for all to lead a happy, healthy and successful life. 

Further Information

The Team/Facilities

The Physical Education team enjoys extensive facilities outlined below: 

  • Full size sports hall with cricket nets, bowling machine, volleyball, tennis, football, badminton, table tennis, basketball and netball facilities 
  • Secondary sports hall with badminton, basketball and multi-sport facilities 
  • Floodlit astro-turf football pitch 
  • Sprung wood floor gymnasium 
  • Hard surface area for netball, football, tennis and basketball 
  • Extensive playing fields for rugby and football in the winter, which are then devoted to cricket, athletics, softball and rounders in the summer 
  • Outside grass wicket. 
  • State of the art fitness suite - cardiovascular machines and resistance equipment 

The PE team comprises of nine full-time and one part-time specialist teachers who are supported by a full-time curriculum team support assistant. In addition to this, external coaches are utilised to enhance the extra-curricular provision available to the students. 

Qualification PE

From the middle of year 9 students will get the opportunity to try out and subsequently opt to study towards a GCSE-level Qualification in their core PE time. They will still receive the same amount of practical and theory lessons per fortnight (4:1 hrs per fortnight) but will begin to produce coursework for and learn about the ‘body’s response to exercise’ & the ‘application of the principles of training’. In year 11 they will then study for an external written examination on ‘reducing the risk of injury and responding to common medical conditions’. 

Students undertaking this pathway will achieve a grade in Cambridge National Sports Science which is a vocational GCSE-equivalent award. This route is particularly advantageous for those who aspire to a career in the sports industry or human sciences, those who seek purpose in their learning and those who feel sport and PE may be a better opportunity for academic success than other subjects. 

Leadership Diploma

Those who choose PE as an additional option will take on SBE PE team's unique Leadership Diploma. This involves learning how to develop specific transferable skills, such as communication, motivation, confidence and self-reflection, all through sport and physical activity.  

Over 200 students qualified as a Level 1 or 2 Sports Leader last year, experiencing independent delivery of multi-skills festivals, primary tournaments and even leading 6 weeks of PE in Primary Schools. Students will also gain sport specific qualifications and have the benefit of athlete mentor visits. 

Sports Leadership Diploma is incredibly successful and an over-subscribed subject. As such we believe that an ability to demonstrate a physically active lifestyle and any experience of committing to volunteering to be a good starting point when deciding whether to apply. 

Key Stage 5

In years 12/13 students will study for the BTEC National in Sport to the equivalent  of 1,2 or 3 A Levels. 

Regular practical and hands-on teaching and learning allows for the study of anatomy and physiology, fitness training and programming, sports leadership, psychology, event organisation, professional development, skill acquisition, the business of sport and practical sports performance. Opportunities to acquire Sports Leaders Level 3, manage clubs and school teams and visit universities are also offered. 

Extra Curricular


Students at all key stages have free access to coached clubs after school in a variety of sports. Fitness, dance, hockey, rugby, football, badminton, table tennis, cross country are just some of the activities on offer. 

See the full timetable here


Students will have the chance to represent SBE in leagues and tournaments against schools across Milton Keynes. We have a fine tradition and reputation for success, winning county titles regularly and competing in national competitions in many cases. 


We are proud that many of our more dedicated students have gone on to secure both semi and full professional contracts in various sports including football, rugby, basketball, athletics, Muay Thai boxing, motor sports and gymnastics. We have also supported a vast number of students toward academic success and gaining employment within the sports and leisure sector. 


We are currently linked directly with MK Basketball Club and MK Netters to offer students excellent coaching, mentoring and competitive teams alongside their studies with us in these two high-priority sports. The Trust employs specific staff to run the Academy programme which is already attracting a significant number of annual applicants. 


A great number of our students train for and play multiple sporting activities each year. There is opportunity for competitive play in House events or by representing the school in fixtures and tournaments. Hundreds of students achieve this feat through their hard work, commitment and talent and we are proud to have an excellent reputation of team and individual success across the area. The most major and recent achievements include two "top 16" and one "top 8" National Cup finishes, allied with multiple County Cup victories for both Boys and Girls Football teams. We were regional champions in badminton and continue to achieve excellent successes within MK in netball, cross country, dodgeball, tennis, rounders and cricket. 

In addition, we have a strong commitment to increasing our range of representation opportunities in emerging school sports and have recently entered dance, cheerleading, swimming, equestrian and handball events. 

Shenley Brook End school is committed to balancing opportunities for participation and selection for success and our proud record of achievement in both is testament to this philosophy.