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Maths is an essential part of our everyday lives.  At Shenley Brook End mathematics is taught through engaging, thought provoking and inspiring lessons. Through the provision of a holistic curriculum and the use of creative and extensive resources we aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed. A creative mastery curriculum allows all students from key stage 3 to 5 to solve problems, identify patterns, reflect on their work and take risks whilst improving, reasoning and understanding the content. All of this takes places in a supported environment. Our maths teachers seek to share the wonders of mathematics and its wider applications with their students. The maths department at Shenley Brook End School works to ensure that students gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment from their studies in mathematics. Teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do. We want to encourage our students to be creative, resilient, independent thinkers.

We achieve this through high quality teaching, structured schemes of work and a wide variety of differentiated resources that will support your child’s learning both in class and at home.

The maths department is an established and enthusiastic department whose experiences allow us to offer a wide range of mathematical opportunities through key stage 3 to key stage 5. All classes have access to a computer room and students have opportunities to work creatively inside and outside of the classroom. We have full use of technology through our dedicated ICT suite and comprehensive Moodle pages. These include a wide variety of support for students as well as all of their homework.              

We use activities which take students out of the class room to stimulate interest and ultimately enrich the learning experience. We are in the lucky position to be staffed with qualified maths teachers and a lead practitioner in maths.

Key Stage 3

At key stage 3 classes are taught in banded groups. There are four 50 minute lessons each week. We introduce students to GCSE topics in year 9 to build on their knowledge and understanding. Functional skills and problem solving is embedded into the curriculum in years 7 to 11. The textbook that we use in year 7 and 8 are Collins new Maths Framework books.

Key Stage 4

All students will study GCSE mathematics; foundation students sit the OCR exam whilst higher students sit the Edexcel exam. There is no coursework for GCSE mathematics. Students who are on target to achieve an 8 or 9 grade at GCSE may have the opportunity to study Level 3 Algebra in year 11. This course goes beyond GCSE and is an excellent preparation for A Level. The textbook that we use for GCSE are Hodder Education Mastering Maths books. 

These are some helpful websites for you to use: and Pixl maths app.

For more information contact Mr M Easson.

Sixth Form

Key stage 5 students have the opportunity to study a variety of mathematical based qualifications.

A-level Edexcel mathematics is studied at SBE, students will study elements of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics in this qualification. Students will make use of a large data set in order to analyse and interpret data effectively. Textbooks used for this course are Pearson Edexcel AS and A-Level mathematics books.

Further maths is also available for the most able students, this course is a continuation of the maths A-level including further core pure, statistics and mechanics units. Textbooks used for this course are Pearson Edexcel AS and A Level mathematics books and Pearson Edexcel AS and A level further mathematics books.

There is a statistics only A-level option for students that want to focus purely on statistics without algebra, this course is run by Edexcel.

Mathematical studies is an AS only qualification and at SBE we follow the AQA specification with the statistics option.  This course has more of a problem solving element to it and reinforces aspects of the Higher Maths GCSE course.  The course content includes studying fermi estimation, financial maths and modelling problems using statistics.  Textbooks used for this course are AQA Level 3 Mathematical Studies.

For more information contact Mrs Smith.