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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School



We study Maths to help us better understand how the world works! Planes flying effortlessly through the sky, complex machinery that has helped to shape the world, availability of medication that saves lives, even the computer you are now using, all of these rely on the use and study of numbers. Mathematics is a creative discipline that allows us to understand and change the world. 

At Shenley Brook End school we have a creative and ambitious curriculum that encourages curiosity. It allows all students from key stage 3 to 5 to solve problems, identify patterns, reflect on their work, and take risks whilst improving reasoning and understanding the content. All of this takes place in a supportive environment. Our maths teachers seek to share the wonders of mathematics and its wider applications with their students. The maths department at Shenley Brook End School works to ensure that students gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment from their studies in mathematics. Teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do. We want to encourage our students to be creative, resilient, independent thinkers. ‘Everyone can do maths’ is our belief. We achieve this through high quality teaching, structured schemes of work and a wide variety of differentiated resources that will support your child’s learning both in class and at home. 

Maths is not a subject studied solely in school, it provides us with skills which are transferable to a wide variety of careers. The rational and logical thought process developed in maths is something which is required in many areas. If you stop and think for a few minutes it becomes clear that mathematics is inseparable from life as we know it.