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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School



"Geography is one of the best subjects; it gives you a wider knowledge about the world around you and how everything in the world is connected." ​

To develop learners who can: ​

*Work well with others and independently, improving their geographical skills and knowledge with expression and enquiry 

*Use creativity and curiosity to understand a wide range of different Geographical concepts 

Implementation: ​

*A curriculum which is knowledge based and encourages the development of the learners' TENSILE skills 

*A curriculum that gives pupils a wide range of Geographical experiences in classroom and out in the wider world 

Impact: ​

*Confident learners who are resilient and join higher education or the workforce with creative skills, independence, and the ability to work with and lead others 

*Learners who can appreciate and understand diverse cultures and how various places have evolved 

*Learners who will through their increased awareness of our planet make a conscious effort to care for it and encourage others to do the same 


Further Information

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