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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

EAT! Cucina

Hello from Cucina!

We have a top chef who cooks all food from scratch every single day to make sure your children’s food is fresh, nutritious and tastes great.  This ensures that school food is now good food too!

We believe that eating well is crucial to improving ability and behaviour, and can help deliver better academic and athletic results.


  • All our eggs and egg based products are free-range

90% of our menu…or more…is homemade!

  • 80% of our vegetables and fruit are sourced within the UK
  • The majority of our meat is red tractor approved and sourced from Great Britain
  • all our fish is farmed from sustainable stocks (MSC approved)
  • all our coffee and chocolate is fair trade


Any student entitled to free school meals can pick any two items from the daily lunch menu, excluding drinks, for the current free school price.  For instance, soup and a main course, main course and a pudding, soup and a sandwich etc.  You can of course add as many items as you like paying in the normal way.

We realise our approach is unique, but hope you like it… our customers certainly seem to!


Please watch the recording HERE from Cucina - the CEO, John Hamill. The video aims to inform Parents/Carers and Students about safety procedures around CV19 and welcoming back students in September.

Menu and Tariffs below.