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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School


Our curriculum seeks to develop both the qualities and qualifications of our young people. Each subject area has a clear curriculum intent, and we design and develop learning experiences which are structured in partnership with external partners to ensure students acquire the relevant knowledge and develop skills which will enhance their employability. As part of this the school has a lead role in the MK Learning 2050 project. We therefore focus on developing the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge that grow confident and independently thinking young people who are ready to learn and embrace challenges and opportunities well beyond their time with us at school. 

Our ASK framework clearly expresses our values in relation to the development of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge.  The five core attitudes we encourage and develop are Curiosity, Creativity, Co-operation, Communication and Consistency.   

Our skills framework is named TENSILE, a word which means ‘capable of being stretched’ and a way in which we challenge and support our students in developing the transferable skills required within and beyond school.  These skills are Teamwork, Expression, Numeracy, Solving Problems, Independence, Literacy and Enquiry. 

We believe that a confident grasp of subject knowledge is best acquired through the development of these positive attitudes to learning and the growth of these tensile skills if our young people are not only to succeed at school but also in their future lives. 

The following curricular aims have been agreed by the governing body of the school: 

The aim of the curriculum is to provide a balanced framework which: 

  • promotes the intellectual, creative, cultural, spiritual, moral and physical development of all students; 
  • provides appropriate experiences for students of all abilities and aptitudes through a variety of teaching and learning strategies; 
  • seeks to develop enquiring minds capable of reason and independent thought; 
  • encourages the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, abilities and flexibility needed for life in a rapidly changing world; 
  • encourages students to set challenging goals and targets, enabling them to play a positive and responsible part in their own progress; 
  • establishes partnerships between the school, the home, the surrounding community and local industry and commerce; 
  • ensures that all students have the skills necessary to take full advantage of available information and communication technology; 
  • provides an extra-curricular programme of opportunities to develop the interests of students and for competitive sport. 


For more information about our curriculum, please contact Mrs C Wright, Assistant Headteacher, on