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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

Careers and Guidance


Whole School Vision

“Encouraging personal aspirations to reach successful destinations.”

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5 Aims

  1. Nurture meaningful connections with the wider community
  2. Developing skills that current and future labour markets demand
  3. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  4. Inspiring students on the range of opportunities
  5. Supporting individuals to make successful transitions at Post -16 and Post- 18.

At Shenley Brook End School, we aim to prepare our pupils to become work ready in order to enable them to be successful and independent upon leaving education. Our Careers and Work-Related Learning Programme is a crucial element within this process, giving access to careers education activities, opportunities to find out about the local and national labour market, regular employer engagement within the curriculum as well as the opportunity to access 1-1 guidance.

Our programme gives students:

  • The opportunity to take an active part in their career learning at multiple stages of their education.
  • Access to useful information through local and national employers and the ability to network with prospective employers to improve future career prospects.
  • An understanding of how their subjects at school link with the world of work and the importance of both employability skills and qualifications when entering the work force.
  • Access to Unifrog, an online service, which allows students to record and reflect on the activities they have taken part in.

At Shenley Brook End School, our Careers and Work Related Learning Programme embeds the whole school ethos of Belong, Believe, Become. This allows students to grow in confidence as they begin their journey in Year 7 whilst widening horizons and aspirations and allowing them to make confident, successful pathway decisions as they progress through the school.

Careers programme by Year Group

Belong - Commence your Journey


Year Group

Unifrog Registration and learning how the site works


Careers in Engineering Assemblies


Learning to identify and develop strengths and weaknesses -  SMART


1:1 Careers discussion with Tutor


Worktree Speed Interviewing Event


GCSE Options Fair


1:1 Careers discussion with Tutor



Believe - Widen Your Horizons and Raise Aspirations


Year Group

Network Rail – Stem Event


Employers into the classroom


Learning to identify and develop strengths and weaknesses


Niftylift Women in Engineering


1:1 Careers discussion with Tutor


NHS – Careers Event


Networking Lunch – Public Services


Experience of Work Preparation Activities – Form Time


2 week Experience of Work Placement


HE/FE Visits


Pro Active Speed Interviewing


1:1 Careers discussion with Tutor



Become - Make Plans and Applications


Year Group

MK College Yellow Bus visit to school


Apprenticeship Fair Stadium MK


Moulton College visit to school


Networking Lunch Public Services


1:1 pathway interviews with Tutors


1:1 Guidance Interviews with Mrs Harris


UCAS/Apprenticeship Fair


Personal Statement Writing Workshops


Apprenticeship Application support sessions


Speed Interview Event


Pro Active Business Breakfast


1:1 Guidance Interviews with Mrs Harris



Strategic Overview

The provision we offer as stated above is in place to ensure that students develop the necessary knowledge and skills at the appropriate ages and key stages.


By the end of Key Stage 3, all students will have:

  • A better understanding of the full range of opportunities for progression and the knowledge to make informed decision regarding their GCSE options.
  • A better understanding of their strengths and areas for development and support to understand how these might affect the careers they aspire to.
  • An understanding of the attitudes and skills needed for employability in general.
  • Used online careers resources to research information regarding their career opportunities and the local labour market.


By the end of Key Stage 4 all students will have:

  • Developed employability skills and a better understanding of working policies and procedures through completing the work experience programme.
  • Developed confidence in speaking with prospective employers and have a better understanding of how to conduct themselves in interview situations.


By the end of Key Stage 4 and 5 all students will have:

  • An understanding of the potential routes available to them post-16 and support in helping them to make choices and applications regarding their next steps.
  • Been provided with the resources to develop their CVs to help assist with part-time employment and apprenticeship applications.
  • Grown their career management and employability skills through enrichment, work experience and work shadowing opportunities.
  • Used ICT software and other resources to investigate and explore future choices and progression routes including full time work, Higher Apprenticeships and University.
  • Received guidance through the UCAS application procedure.
  • Had direct access to employers and universities.
  • Received guidance to help identify a range of Post-18 options.

Staff Development, Funding and Resources

Funding is accessed from the whole school curriculum and Pupil Premium budgets held by the Assistant and Deputy Principals. We use multiple web-based platforms such as Unifrog and the Careers Guidance Charts to ensure that students have access to career explorations and work with providers to ensure employer engagement and work experience. The CEAIG Advisor regularly attends careers meeting, networking events and contributes to regional and national discussions in order to ensure they are up to date with all industry and labour market information,

Quality, Monitoring and Evaluation

The overall careers programme is monitored reviewed and evaluated every year and a report is submitted to the Board of Governors for discussion through our CEAIG coordinator and Link Governor at the school.

Employers, students and staff evaluate activities that form part of the CEAIG programme. This evaluation then informs planning for the next year. Evaluation focuses on how effective the event/activity has been in helping students to achieve the intended learning outcomes.

Our annual report for CEAIG draws information form a number of sources including:

  • Student and employer feedback forms.
  • Feedback from staff and parents from yearly surveys.
  • Evaluation of careers events and activities.
  • Information on intended destinations for years 11, 12 and 13.
  • NEET and destination data

The school also uses both the Compass and Tracker tools to evaluate and monitor the careers programme.​​​​​​

Careers Guidance

Mrs Harris is responsible for independent careers Advice and Guidance at Shenley Brook End School. Mrs Harris is based in the Careers Office opposite Art 1.

Any student in years 7 to 13 can arrange an appointment with Mrs Harris by speaking with their Form Tutor, Head of Year or arranging an appointment directly in form time, break time, lunch or after school.

Appointments can cover a range of topics including:

  • Careers exploration
  • Information about a particular career/industry
  • Post-16 options
  • Post-18 options
  • Job application support
  • Apprenticeships
  • Alternative routes in to careers
  • CV writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Planning next steps

All advice and guidance provided is personalised to the student, impartial and detailed. At the end of a careers appointment students can expect to go away with a detailed action plan in order to help them follow through in researching planning and taking action in order to progress.

Careers Lead

The Careers lead at Shenley Brook End School is Mr C Holmwood. Mr Holmwood can be contacted at: or on 01908 520264.

Students at Shenley Brook End School

All staff at the school will support you in developing the skills you need for the world of work. You will receive information when appropriate about work experience opportunities, how your subjects link to careers and will meet people from the world of work who could help you to acquire the skills and knowledge to be successful.

The school is committed to helping you to realise your potential and develop your understanding of what is available to you so that when you leave school you will be equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that the world of work brings.

How we will support your Work Related Learning

  • Assistance when choosing your GCSE options through career related activities with external companies and the Careers and Work Related Learning team.
  • To meet with a variety of employers throughout your time at Shenley Brook End School both in curriculum areas and in standalone events.
  • To be given the opportunity to attend networking sessions with employers or career related trips.
  • To have the opportunity to experience the world of work through a 2-week placement in Year 10.
  • To have access to independent and impartial advice regarding your careers options and next steps at the end of Year 11 and Year 13.

In addition to the activities and opportunities, you can expect from us at school, it is always best if you develop your own skills and knowledge through extracurricular activities after school and in the school holidays. Employers are always impressed to see students who have shown they are engaged in multiple projects and have done more than the bare minimum.

If you are looking to make yourself the most competitive when applying for future options after Year 11, 12 or 13 you may want to consider completing some of the following activities.

  • Gain work experience
  • Join a club of interest (this could be related to a career such as Army Cadets)
  • Volunteering
  • Create a website, build a model or write a blog
  • Set up a small business
  • Take part in fundraising activities
  • Complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Apply for the NCS programme
  • Join a sports team
  • Have a part-time job

If you want to know how to start deciding what to aim for in your career or working life, try asking yourself these questions:

What do you enjoy?

What subjects are you good at in school?

What are your hobbies?

What TENSILE skills do you have?

What sort of a person are you?

Do you like interacting with people?

Would you like a job that is more practical or office based?

If you want more help answering these questions and deciding what you want to do please see our Careers Advisor or use the useful links below:

Information for Parents

At Shenley Brook End school we recognise the vital importance of the support that parents and carers bring to students as they progress through the school. We will inform parents at relevant stages throughout the year of careers related activities and application deadlines for Post 16 and Post 18 pathway decisions. You will receive this information via Parentmail and the school newsletter.

Your opinion and feedback is also crucially important to us and you will receive questionnaires throughout the year, the results of which will help inform the continued development of the careers programme.

What you can expect:

  • All students will have access to a range of support and advice in relation to their career progression when making important decisions about their pathway choices.
  • All students will have access to 1:1 guidance meetings which parents/carers are welcome to attend.
  • Support when organising Experience of Work Placements upon request.
  • Access to Unifrog to help support your child in making career and learning pathway decisions.

Listed below are a number of websites that you may also find useful when discussing subject choices and future careers at home:

We also appreciate the vital importance of the relationship between our parent community and the school and welcome parental involvement in helping to promote and educate our students on the range of careers available in our local area.

If you are interested in taking part in Assemblies or lessons to discuss your own area of work, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Please contact Mrs Harris on 01908 520264 or at

Employers, Education, and Training Providers supporting Shenley Brook End School

How you can get involved

We aim to help every student to reach their full potential and progress onto a successful destination by providing them with the widest possible range of employer and careers related opportunities.   We value the help and support businesses can offer our students in developing the skills needed for a successful future. 

You could become involved by offering:

  • Site visits - host small groups of students
  • Provide a work experience placement for a student
  • Support students to produce a CV
  • Participate in mock interviews and provide feedback for success

If you would like to support our students on their Work Related Learning Pathway please contact Mrs Harris on 01908 520264 or at

Teachers at Shenley Brook End School

How we will support you

  • Help in accessing relevant external employers to engage students within your subjects.
  • Assistance in running career related events, project and activities.
  • Support and information when assisting students in organising work experience placement in Year 10 and information and assistance when visiting students on work placements.
  • Information regarding pathways as and when requested by students.
  • Information and advice for students that you refer to 1-1 support.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact Mrs Harris on 01908 520264 or at