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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

Career Pathways & Employability




At Shenley Brook End School, we aim to prepare our students to become work ready in order to enable them to be successful and independent upon leaving education. Our Career Pathways and Employability Programme is a crucial element within this process, giving access to careers education activities, opportunities to find out about the local and national labour market, regular employer engagement within the curriculum as well as the opportunity to access 1-1 guidance. 

This incorporates five key aims:

  1. Nurture meaningful connections with the wider community;
  2. Developing skills that current and future labour markets demand;
  3. Linking curriculum learning to careers;
  4. Inspiring students on the range of opportunities;
  5. Supporting individuals to make successful transitions at Post -16 and Post- 18.

Our programme provides students with:

  • The opportunity to take an active part in their career learning at multiple stages of their education.
  • Access to useful information through local and national employers and the ability to network with prospective employers to develop employability skills and improve future career prospects.
  • An understanding of how their subjects at school link with the world of work and the importance of both employability skills and qualifications when entering the work force.
  • Access to Unifrog, an online service, enabling students to:
    1. record and reflect on the employability skills they have developed.
    2. consider further education/training/career pathways.

A copy of our full careers programme can be found HERE