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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School


The application deadline for Shenley Brook End Sixth form has now passed.

You may still apply but it will be classed as a late application. This means that you may not get a place if we become full in August.

The link to apply is below:

This application you will complete is an expression of interest of attending our Sixth Form. This application does not guarantee students entry into our sixth form. The entry will be based on what GCSE grades a student receives in August 2024. On results day of Thursday 22 August, students log back into Applicaa, enter their actual GCSE grades, and then choose their A levels. For late applicants, we shall only look at their enrolment after we have dealt with the ones that have applied on time.

Next steps 

After a student has completed this application form, students should work hard at their GCSE grades.

Informal interviews 

Shenley Brook End students will have an informal interview in the time period 12 February to 15 March 2024. This will be in the school’s library. This is to ensure they have considered what choices they will be making based on their forecasted GCSE grades. 

External students will be invited for interview from March onwards after school. These are compulsory and, if a student does not attend this interview, we will deem that student not interested in our Sixth Form.  This informal interview will be a chance for students and parents to ask relevant questions about the Sixth Form. 

June 25 and 26 2024 – Taster days 

We will invite all Shenley Brook End students and all external students that attended our interviews in March and April to try out the subjects they are interested in. 

Thank you for considering Shenley Brook End Sixth form as your place of further study. 

The Sixth Form team looks forward to working with you in the future. 

Mr D Greenhalgh 

Director of Sixth Form