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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School


Admissions into Year 7 starting in September
Milton Keynes Council (MKC) coordinate ALL applications for the normal Year 7 admissions round (starting in September). For more information please visit the Milton Keynes Council website:


5 Dimensions Trust Secondary Schools offer up to 10% of places on the basis of aptitude for physical education or sport, with a focus on netball or basketball.

For late and in-year admissions, where less than the number of places are taken, a request for the assessment can be made. It is at the Academy’s discretion as to whether an aptitude assessment will be offered. Please direct enquiries to

In-Year Admissions Arrangements for Entry to Shenley Brook End School for Years 7-11

"In year admissions" refers to applicants transferring at any time after the normal age of transfer at the end of primary school. For the purpose of admissions, Shenley Brook End School follows the guidance and regulations detailed in School Admissions Code, published by the DfE. As required under the School Admissions Code, the school subscribes to the Local Authority's (LA) Fair Access Policy.

Parents should be aware that Shenley Brook End School is a heavily oversubscribed school with more applicants than places available and that every year many parents are unsuccessful in their application for a place.

Applications will be considered strictly in accordance with the school's stated admissions policy. The admissions criteria will apply as appropriate for each relevant year group.

In-year admissions are coordinated by the school, the application can be found below.

Guidance Notes For In-Year Applications

Application Form for In-Year Applications

Admissions arrangements for 2023

Admission arrangements for entry to the school in September 2023 can be viewed by selecting one of the links below.

Please click below for details: 

Admission Criteria for entry into Year 7 September 2023

Admission Criteria for entry into Year 12 September 2023

Admission Criteria for mid-year entry from September 2023

Admissions arrangements for 2024

Admission arrangements for entry to the school in September 2024 can be viewed by selecting one of the links below.

Admission Criteria for entry into Year 7 September 2024

Admissions arrangements for 2025

The Local Governing Body of Shenley Brook End School is currently consulting on the proposed admission arrangements for September 2025.  Proposed changes relate to Year 7 admission arrangements for September 2025 and Sixth Form. There are no proposed changes to the In-Year admission arrangements for September 2025.

Proposed changes to the Year 7 admission arrangements September 2025 relate to Oversubscription Criteria on page 3 of the document, Criterion 6.  There is a slight amendment to the wording to this criterion to make it more precise following comments from Milton Keynes City Council.

There are two changes to the Sixth Form Admission Arrangements September 2025 which is the removal of the Netball Academy, the Basketball Academy remains and the number of places reduced from 20 to 10.

Please click below to view:

SBE Admissions Criteria for entry into Year 7 2025

Admissions Criteria Mid-year from 2025

Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2025