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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

ASK Framework


Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge (ASK) is the common language of learning we use to support students’ progress.

Teachers comment specifically upon students’ attitudes which are consistent across all curriculum teams.  Teachers will expect these attitudes to be demonstrated with increasing rigour as the student moves through the year groups.  The tracking grid for attitudes does not change.

Do students demonstrate curiosity by asking relevant questions and learn by making mistakes? Are they creative in how they think and approach activities?  How well do they cooperate with staff and peers?  Do they commit themselves wholeheartedly to activities?  Are they consistently demonstrating high levels of effort in classwork and homework?  

These are reported as follows:

Mastering (highest level), Progressing, Developing and Launching

Teachers also consider students’ skills and knowledge in each subject in forming a progress assessment. Tracking grids for subject specific  skills and knowledge progress across the year groups, in order to demonstrate increasing rigour.  Teachers make tracking grids available to students at the beginning of schemes of learning, sharing routes of progression. You will see these referenced in students’ exercise book for each subject.