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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

6F Application 2022 entry

The Application Process and next steps

To make an application please click this link

Deadline – 31 January 2022

If an application is received after 31 January, it is considered a late application. On enrolment day on 25 August, we look at applications that have been received on time first. Then, if there is space left in the 200 Year 12 places, we will then look at late applications. As an example: In 2021 we had 3 late applicants enrol into Year 12. If a year has bumper applications, we may not be able to look at late applications at all. Please do not be put off applying but, even if you get the right grades, you may not be able to enrol into Year 12. We will not know this until results day.

What to do?

For Shenley Brook End Students - log in to Applicaa to complete your application. You will have received an email to your school e-mail account with your log-in details.

For external applicants, please create an account on Applicaa and complete your details.

Remind yourself of the entry requirements by looking at the Sixth Form prospectus here. Your predicted grades must match the entry requirements of each subject choice as you need certain grades for certain subjects.

We will contact you at least once per month for regular updates and can always be contacted via e-mail at school –


To help determine whether a student has made the right subject choices, we intend to hold informal interviews with applicants.

Shenley Brook End students – in the week commencing 14 February 2022, during lesson time for 10 minutes, we will interview every internal applicant. This will be like a mini-careers interview and will help you in making the right choices for your A levels.

External applicants - we will offer potential students an interview, but you do not have to have an interview. It would be lovely to speak to you about your application of course, if possible. These will be held after 3.30pm each night starting Tuesday 15 March 2022.

From these interviews we will then make conditional offers to start in September 2022.

Taster days

Every year we want to provide students with the chance to have a “taste” or “experience” of what it is like to be in our sixth form so we will hold two taster days on the 28 and 29 June 2022. On these days students attend school and take part in the subjects they think they want to study from September 2022.

In May 2022 we sent invites to students who, having had an interview, have accepted an offer from us. Only students who have accepted the conditional offer we made to them, will receive an invite to Taster day. We have 250 places available on each one of these days so have limited space.


Fast forward to August – results will be issued by each school on Thursday 25 August. You will enrol online once you have your results with the same Applicaa log-in that you used to complete your application form.

You log back into Applicaa and a pop-up box appears asking you to enrol. Assuming you have met the entry grades laid out in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

You can enrol from anywhere in the world that has internet access BUT you must be able to upload real proof of your exam results. This could be a picture of your GCSE results slip.

NOTE – in 2021, our sixth form was full on the second day after results day. Therefore, please enrol as soon as you can. Once we are full, we close enrolment into the school. If we are over-subscribed past our 200 actual places in Year 12, we will refer to and use our admission criteria. This can be found here.

I look very much forward to meeting you in the future.

Mr Greenhalgh

Director of Sixth Form