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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

Year 13 Enrolment 2020/21

Please complete all sections on this form before submitting

Courses to be studied

Please select the three subjects you wish to continue to study in Year 13 from the lists below. This will be the second year of course you studied over the last year.

Select which subjects you wish to study from each list below
Select one of the following
Select one of the following
Select one of the following
Do you wish to study EPQ in Year 13*
Are you interested in becoming a mentor*

If you have finished a full A Level in Year 13 (as you were a Year 13 student), which of the following do you intend to study:

Select one of the following

Personal Details

Bursary and FSM - were you entitled to either of these last year?*
Are you going to apply for Bursary again this year?*

parent/guardian details

 TitleForenameSurnameRelationshipHome tel:Work tel:Mobile tel:EmailFull Home address
Does this person have legal parental responsibliity?*
 TitleForenameSurnameRelationshipHome Tel:Work Tel:Mobile Tel:EmailHome address
Does this person have legal parental responsibility?*

Data Collection - please complete

Do you have any special educational needs?*
Is English your first language?*

This question about first language is not related to whether you speak English well. Your first language is the language you were first exposed to at the ages of 0 to 5 in the home or in the community and which you either still speak or hear at home.

Medical Details

Destination after Sixth Form

After Sixth Form what are your intentions:*