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Exams Information

Exams Policies/Procedures

Please see our Policies and Procedures page HERE

NEA Review of Marking

Examination Information for Candidates

If you are late or ill

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact
the Examinations Office at Shenley Brook End School.



If you are not in school for the start of an examination, we will try to contact you to remind you where you should be.  You should then make your way to school as quickly as possible after receiving such a telephone call. 

Sometimes, we cannot get hold of either a candidate or his/her parents/guardians.  If you realise you are late for an examination and we have not contacted you, come to school as soon as you can, report to reception and ask them to contact Mrs Bayliss. 

If a candidate follows these instructions, we might be able to help.  If the instructions are not followed, there is nothing we can do.  Candidates should be aware that awarding bodies have the right to refuse the script of a candidate who arrives very late to an examination.



1.  If a candidate is ill (or has some other valid reason for absence – holidays or other personal arrangements are not valid reasons for absence) on the day of an examination, please ring the school and ask to speak to Mrs Bayliss on 520264, Ext 252 (GCSE or GCE candidates) or Mrs Pryde/Miss Harley on 520264, Ext. 263 or Ext. 277 (GCE candidates only) or your form tutor. All candidates will be encouraged to come in to take the examination wherever possible … it is usually better to make an effort to do something than not to sit a paper at all. If you are put through to voicemail, please leave a message.

2.  Whether you come in to sit the examination or not, please make an appointment to see your Doctor that day.  There is an approved form for completion (which will be used to support any special consideration application made for you) and, ideally, it will be collected from the school before you visit the Doctor to allow the surgery to verify your appointment by completing Part B of the form.  If it is not possible to collect the form before your visit to the Doctor, it can be completed later.

3.  Return the completed form (see point 2. above) or a medical note confirming your absence to Mrs Bayliss as soon as possible. 

Examination Dates

years 7 - 11 External examination guidance for parents

  • The Contingency Day is set down for 24 June 2020 and candidates should be available on all dates up to and including the Contingency Day in case any exams need to be rescheduled.
  • Candidates will be provided with an individual rooming/seating timetable (landscape view sheet) prior to the start of any external examination series.  (On receipt of the rooming/seating timetable, candidates should destroy any early reference timetable (portrait view sheet) as this may not show the correct entries.)
  • For morning examinations candidates must be outside the examination room by 8.40am. 
    For afternoon examinations candidates must be outside the examination room by 1.10pm. 
  • During the summer external examination series, candidates should wait outside by the entry doors closest to Sports Hall 2 or outside the relevant venue if the exam is not in the main sports hall.  SfL candidates should go to the Phase 4 seating area at 8.40am for morning examinations and 1.10pm for afternoon examinations.
  • Candidates must wear full school uniform, including black shoes, to all examinations.  After the half term break in the summer term, students may wear either the standard school uniform or the summer uniform – white polo shirt, black trousers or skirt and blazer.  The normal uniform rules relate to the wearing of jewellery during examinations.  Candidates must not wear sweatbands during examinations.  The school reserves the right to refuse entry to an examination to a candidate who is not appropriately dressed.
  • Candidates must not take into the exam room: notes, potential technological/web enabled sources of information such as an iPod, a mobile phone, an MP3/4 player or similar device, a smartwatch or wrist watch which has a data storage device, keys, USB stick, tissues, etc. Ideally, candidates will leave prohibited items at home; however, if they must bring such an item into school on an examination day, they should either make arrangements for the storage of the item/s in their lockers or make some other arrangement for the storage of the item/s during the examination. If they cannot do this they must hand in prohibited item/s to an invigilator before the examination starts.  Prohibited item/s that have been handed in will be removed from the examination venue and may be reclaimed at the end of the examination. Mobile phones must not be stored in bags at the back of the examination room even if they have been switched off and/or the battery has been removed.  Candidates should ensure that their pockets are empty of any items other than stationery. At Shenley Brook End School, watches are not permitted in examinations venues.  Digital or smartwatches should be handed in, non-digital (normal) watches should be placed in bags.
  • Candidates may bring water into the examination room in a clear bottle with the label removed.  No other types of drinks or snacks are permitted in the examination venue (unless required for medical reasons).
  • If a candidate is unwell at the time of the examination and cannot attend the examination, please provide the Examinations Officer with a doctor’s letter/note indicating the reason for the absence. Parents/guardians should be aware that they will be charged the entry fee for any examination that their child misses unless the absence can be supported by a doctor’s letter/note.
  • Please see the “Results dates” document on the school’s website to find out the relevant results date/s for the current academic year.
  • Year 11 students only - there will be a resource return session prior to the finish of the academic year; further details about this event will be provided to students.
  • Certificates for qualifications completed during the course of the academic year will be available in late November/early December of the year the examination/s were taken.  Candidates who are still at SBE will be notified when certificates are ready for collection; candidates who have left SBE will receive a letter advising them that certificates are ready for collection.  It is important that candidates provide updated address details if they move home.

JCQ Notices with Covering Letter


The JCQ has established to unite to an extent the largest educational and vocational examination boards in the United Kingdom and to administer testing standards.  The JCQ should not be confused with the government of the United Kingdom, which has the authority to regulate and accredit British examinations Boards.


JCQ CIC aims to:
Reduce bureaucracy for schools and colleges by facilitating and delivering common administrative arrangements for examinations.
Provide a forum for strategic debate, information exchange and expression of common interest amongst awarding bodies.
Enable member awarding bodies to jointly express views and collectively respond to national issues.
Provide a channel for collective discussion with key stakeholders including the HE sector, teachers, and their representative organisations.

In meeting these aims, JCQ CIC undertakes a wide range of activities including the publishing of national GCSE and A level results in August; handling enquiries from examination officers; and publishing advice, guidance and regulations on delivering examinations.