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Quick Reference

Start/Finish Date
Issue Date of Results

November 2019

4-11 November 2019 (GCSE English & Maths resit opportunity for Yr 12/13 Only

16 January 2020 (via form time)

January 2020

External examination period (limited entries)

5 March 2020 (via form time)

Summer 2020

11 May - 24 June 2020

GCE: 13 August 2020 (8.45-10.00am for Y13; 9.15-10.00am for all other GCE candidates)

GCSE: 20 August 2020 (9.00-10.00am for Y11; 9.30-10.00am for all other GCSE candidates)

In the Exams Information section you will find a number of documents or links relating to the examinations process at Shenley Brook End School. If you cannot find the information you are seeking in any of the documents listed, please do not hesitate to contact the Examinations Office via the school’s main switchboard number (01908 520264) during the school working week.

AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC are the awarding bodies currently used by the school for GCSE and GCE examination entries; their websites are freely accessible and contain a wealth of information.

Pearson/Edexcel: *

* use Google Chrome; site does not work well on Internet Explorer

Prior to mock examination sessions, students will receive a timetable via the tutor tray, advising them of their mock examination dates; an email will be sent to parents of students with a general timetable (this does not apply to sixth form students). If a candidate needs a replacement copy of their timetable, s/he should come to the Examinations Office to request this.

Candidates for external examinations will receive an initial, reference timetable (portrait style) shortly after the entry deadline for the summer season and closer to the relevant examination season, candidates will be provided with a rooming/seating timetable (landscape style) at which point they should discard the reference timetable.  For the November and January seasons, candidates will receive seating timetables only.  Copies of timetables for candidates who have entries in the summer will be sent (via the student) to the parents of students in Years 7-11.  Copies of the candidate timetables are not usually sent to the parents of Sixth Form students although if parents wish to receive a copy of their son/daughter’s timetable, please ring the school and ask to speak to a member of the Examinations Office staff and we will arrange to email a .pdf copy of the student’s timetable.

Please be aware that entries for external examinations are made well ahead of the actual examination series:

  • entries are made in early October for the November series of examinations;
  • entries are made in mid October for the January series of examinations (Shenley Brook End School will have limited entries in the January series)
  • entries are made in mid-February for the Summer series of GCE and GCSE examinations.

Students/parents are encouraged to contact the Examinations Office prior to the entry deadlines indicated above if they have queries about entries or wish their son/daughter to sit a non-curriculum examination.  The deadline for language entry requests will be prior to the Christmas break and for other entries, by mid-January.

Mrs M Bayliss
Examinations Officer