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Shenley Brook End School

Shenley Brook End School

16-19 Bursary 2020 Application form

Shenley Brook End Sixth Form

16-19 Bursary Fund Application Form 2020/21

Student Details

Please check your eligibility before completing this form to apply for the 16-19 Bursary.
If you are applying for:
• Vulnerable Bursary (VB) – complete Sections A and D
• Discretionary Attendance Bursary (DAB) – complete Sections B and D
• Hardship Bursary (HB) – complete Sections C and D

Section A - Vulnerable Bursary (VB)

Students in care/care leavers, or young people in receipt of Income Support, some types of Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

Please tick as appropriate and attach relevant evidence to this application.

Type of evidence provided:

Section B - Discretionary Attendance Bursary (DAB)

All students registered for free school meals will be able to claim for items mentioned above to support studies. It is also available for students with a family income of less than £16,190. (The funds available for this bursary are limited so the scheme may not run for the whole academic year.)

Type of evidence provided:
Type of Support Required

Section C - Hardship Bursary (HB)

An amount of funding will be available to help students who encounter serious financial problems during the course of their studies. This will be especially relevant if financial concerns may prevent you from completing a course. Students can apply at any point during the year.

Section D - to be completed by all students applying for a bursary

Please tick that you confirm your understanding*