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BBC School Report Day 27th March 2014
On the 27th March, Shenley Brook End School will participating in the BBC School Report Day for the very first time.  Classrooms will evolve into “newsrooms” for the day, with Year 9 students working as journalists in the fields of news, weather and sport.  Some students will be involved in investigative reporting.
Teachers of English and Media Studies, alongside some sixth form volunteers, will be guiding the students, but ultimately they are  responsible for producing the content.

Students will be working from 8.00am to the national 2.00pm deadline, creating some printed copy and a short broadcast news bulletin and all their work will be posted here, and linked to the BBC School Report Website.

Click here to see the work produced by our 'journalists'.

The Team/Facilities
The English Team’s main bases are in twelve classrooms on the upper level of the school.  One is a computer suite and all classrooms have computer/projector facilities and some have interactive whiteboards.  The classrooms are bright, sunny and well-appointed.  The English team currently has the leadership roles of the Director, KS3, KS4, KS5 and film/media Lead Teachers.  The team is supported by a full-time Curriculum Team Support Assistant (CTSA) who carries out cover and provides administrative support.  Close links are maintained with the Library and Sixth Form Resource Centre.  This strong team, characterised by experience, commitment and diligence, has produced excellent results in external examinations which are significantly above the national average. 
Key Stage 3
Students coming to us in year 7 work on literacy and a transitional unit which maintains continuity with year 6.  They are taught in banded ability groups with an average class size of 24.  The syllabus covers the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  The habit of private reading is encouraged as much as possible since it has a beneficial impact on a child’s English skills and wide-ranging effects throughout the curriculum.  Year 8 builds on and develops skills acquired in year 7 and continues the emphasis on reading. 

Key Stage 4
Year 9 is considered a bridging year when the skills necessary for GCSE are introduced.The students are prepared for the AQA GCSE English and English Literature examinations.   

Post 16
Three courses are on offer at AS and A2:  English Literature, English Language and Literature and Film Studies.  We try to create the ambience of a university tutorial by encouraging students to engage in discussion as much as possible and to become independent learners.  Students are usually taught by two different teachers for various parts of their course, which allows them to experience the high level of quality that exists in the team. 

Clearly, English is one of the most important subjects in the school.  We wish our students to be effective communicators in all areas of their lives and we seek to empower them to deal with the many and diverse uses of language in modern society.  To this end, active and independent learning is encouraged in the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Furthermore, we believe that by responding imaginatively and critically to the plays, poetry, novels and short stories of great writers as well as various media, students will appreciate their skilful use of language; be enriched by their social, moral and spiritual dimensions and develop an awareness of their cultural heritage.  



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