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School trips

Shenley Brook End School recognises that school trips represent a valuable element in the education of students.   School trips embrace all journeys for students whether in term-time or in the school holidays, whether during the school day or out of school hours, whether involving an overnight stay or or a day visit.

Where a trip takes place in school time the benefits have to be weighed against the loss of time spent in other lessons by the students involved.   A trip will only take place in school time where its clear purpose is to enhance and support the school curriculum.

Shenley Brook End School offers many opportunities for students to experience trips and residential activities which cater for all levels of ability and interests.  When students start Year 7 there is the opportunity to be involved in a one of our week-long residential trips to Longrigg, where students take part in many outward bound and team-building activities.  Students are also welcome to join the popular Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme when they start Year 9, and students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have the opportunity to take part in an Outlook expedition.  This consists of activities overseas which challenge students to experience being out of their comfort zone and contribute to a community development project.  Students in 2013 had the chance to plan an expedition for a month in Peru trekking and helping with a local community project. 


Shenley Brook End School runs a number of trips and visits every year as part of the school’s commitment to extended learning.   Listed below are the residential trips planned for the academic year 2013-2014 with estimated costs and dates.

Please note that whilst this information has been provided to help parents to plan ahead, there is no guarantee that any trip will take place as planned and, at this stage, costs are estimated and therefore subject to change.

YearTripEstimated costApproximate date of trip
7Longrigg£2453-7 February 2014
8Longrigg£2454-8 November 2013
8Germany£3505-8 March 2014
8Spanish Exchange£35010-16 March 2014
9DofE Bronze Award£80September 2013-July 2014
9Germany£3505-8 March 2014
9Spanish Exchange£35010-16 March 2014
10DofE Silver Award£160September 2013-July 2014
10Germany£3505-8 March 2014
10Spanish Exhange£35010-16 March 2014
10 Longrigg£2452-6 June 2014
11Berlin£46014-17 November 2013
11Germany £3505-8 March 2014
11Spanish Exchange£35010-16 March 2014
12DofE Gold Award£230October 2013-September 2014
12Poland£4508-12 February 2014
12Germany£3505-8 March 2014
13DofE Gold award£230October 2013-September 2014
13Poland£4508-12 February 2014
13CERN Physics Swiss Trip£3006-8 March 2014
13Spain£2508-12 April 2014

The member of staff with responsibility for trips and visits is Mr Nash, Director of Extended Learning.


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