Year 8

  •  Art and Design




  • Design Technology

           Board Games

           Garden Tools

           Link Toy


          Food Preparation and Nutrition - Eat Well

          Food Preparation and Nutrition - Snack Attack

  • Drama


  • English

          Heroes and Villains          


          War Poetry - The Voice of Conflict

          Worlds - Creative Writing

          Worlds - Prose

          Worlds - Themed Projects

  • Geography

          Development and Globalisation


          Rivers and Coasts


  • History

          The Transatlantic Slave Trade

          The British Empire

          Oppression and Nationalism

          The Civil Rights

          Women through History

  • ICT

          Whole Year

  • Lifeskills

       Careers and Options


        Emotional Intelligence

        Grange Enders

         What's so Amazing about my Brain

  • Maths

          Autumn Term

          Spring Term

          Summer Term

  • Modern Foreign Languages

         All Terms

  • Music

          Dance Music

          Film Music

          Latin American

          Programme Music (Kije)


          The Blues

  • Physical Education

          Belong Believe Become

  • Religious Education


          Islam - Practices

          Islam - Teachings and Beliefs


          Technology - Beauty or Beast

          Young Philosophers

  • Science

          Looking at Plants and Ecosystems

          Explaining Chemical Changes

          Motion on Earth and Space

          Getting the Energy Your Body Needs

          Magnetism and Electricity

          Our Health and the Effect of Drugs

          Obtaining Useful Materials

          Waves and Energy Transfer

          Using our Earth Sustainably