Year 7

  • Art and Design

          Introduction to Art


          My Beautiful Book

          Still Life

  • Design Technology

         Little Things Storage Project

          My Beautiful Book Project

          Take Five Project

  • Drama

          Introduction to Drama Skills


  • English

         Growing Pains - Poetry Anthology

          Journeys - Travel Writing

          Shocking Shakespeare

          Short Story or Novel Study

          Travelling through Texts - Part 1

          Travelling through Texts - Part 2


  • Geography

        People Everywhere


        Weather Climate and Ecosystems

        Where are we

  • History

          How has Milton Keynes changed

          Chronology of daily life in England

          Who rules England

          How has crime and punishment changed in England

          Development of technology and inventions

          Democracy and dictatorship in 20th century

  • ICT

          Whole Year

  • Lifeskills


        Grange Enders


         Rights Responsibilities

         The Smarts

  • Maths

          Autumn Term

          Spring Term

          Summer Term

  • Modern Foreign Language

        All Terms

  • Music


        Instruments of the Orchestra

        Pachelbel Canon


        Rhythm and Pitch Notation 

        Sibelius and Variation Form

  • Physical Education

          Belong Believe Become

  • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics



         Introduction to Religion, Philosophy and Ethics


         World Religions

  • Science

          Mixing, Dissolving and Separating

          Forces and their Effects

          Cells - The Building Blocks of Life

          Explaining Physical Changes

          Energy - Transfer and Sound

          Eating, Drinking and Breathing

          Elements, Compounds and Reactions

          Explaining Contact and Non Contact Forces

          Variation for Survival