Are you ready to be stretched?

TENSILE is thecommon language of learning at Shenley Brook End School.  It is an acronym designed to make students more aware of the skills that they develop across the curriculum.
We want students to use their skills appropriately in every lesson todevelop and 'stretch' themselves.  For example the same rules of numeracy exist in maths and geography andthe same expressive skills apply when delivering a speech in drama or a presentation in business studies.
We also want students to be able to transfer their skills in different circumstances, eg recognising that working in any group develops teamwork and that answering questions is part of solving problems.

Teamwork – Working with others.  Expression – Making known your thoughts and feelings.  Numeracy – The ability to work with and understand numbers.  Solving Problems – Working on problems to reach solutions.  Independence – Thinking and acting for yourself.  Literacy – The ability to read and write.  Enquiry – A question or investigation with variable outcome..