Revision Timetable Summer 2016

Y11 Revision Sessions Summer 2016 – Timetable

The following revision sessions will be available over the exam period to help you prepare for your exams. You are expected to attend those that are relevant to you.  You should attend in full school uniform.

Please note:

  • In some subjects, lessons may continue at the usual times.  Teachers will inform you of these.
  • You will have an exam seating timetable stating when the external exams are.  The exams listed below are for quick reference only – not all exams are shown.  Your seating timetable must be used for checking examination dates and times.
  • Drop-in sessions are offered in the subjects below.  These are in addition to the revision sessions. 
  • Science students can come in to see their teacher in their usual room during any double lesson where they would normally be taught science.
  • Maths - all students can attend normal class time lessons at any time during study leave.
  • Maths - drop in sessions periods 3 & 4 every day in the library

The full timetable for 2016 will be published shortly.