Teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do in the maths team.  We want to encourage risk taking and creativity in our students by being creative teachers. ICT is used to enhance teaching and learning and promote independent learning using online resources. Our school VLE allows easy access to learning material and resources for students and parents. Ofsted recognised our innovative use of the VLE to provide a wide range of revision material, including videos of revision sessions.



The Team/Facilities

The maths team are based in the Maths and Computing centre with 11 dedicated rooms, each equipped with an interactive whiteboard and ceiling mounted projector. All classes have access to a dedicated maths computer room in selected lessons and during lunch time. We use various online resources to support learning from Key Stage 3 to post 16. We use activities which take students out of the class room to stimulate interest and ultimately enrich the learning experience. We are in the lucky position to be staffed with qualified maths teachers and two advance skills teachers.


Key Stage 3

Classes are taught in banded groups at the start of year 7 and set by ability by October half term. There are four 50 minute lessons each week. We introduce students to GCSE topics in year 9 to build on their knowledge and understanding. Functional skills and problem solving is embedded in to the curriculum in years 7 to 11.

These are some helpful websites for you to use:

These are the textbook that we use: Collins new Maths Framework books.

Key Stage 4

All students will study the Edexcel GCSE linear course. There is no coursework. This is currently examined in the November of year 11 to allow a more personalised curriculum in year 11 but is likely to be examined in June of year 11 in the future. Additionally, GCSE statistics is offered to most students in year 11. They will need to complete a piece of statistics coursework for GCSE statistics. Students who are online to achieve a 8 or 9 grade at GCSE may have the opportunity to study Level 3 Algebra in year 11. This course goes beyond GCSE and is an excellent preparation for A Level.

These are some helpful websites for you to use: and Pixl maths app.

For more information contact Mr M Easson.

sixth Form

The Edexcel AS/A2 maths course is followed with 3 modules completed in year 12 and students continuing on the course completing a further 3 in year 13. Students have the option of studying pure mathematics with decision, mechanics or statistics. There is a statistics only option for students that want to focus purely on statistics without algebra; the course involves 6 modules of statistics. Further mathematics is available for the most able.

These are the textbooks that we use: Pearson Edexcel AS and A level modular maths C1, C2, S1, M2, FP1, D1, C3, C4, S2, M2, FP2, D2, FP3, : Maths and applied, M3 , S3

A Level statistics for AQA S1, 2, 3

For more information contact Miss R Fennell