House System

As part of the support offered to students, every student belongs to a form group, which is part of a year group, supported by a Year Leader. In addition, all students and staff are assigned to one of five houses and each house has a House Leader.

The house a student belongs to is a unifying strand through the school, linking students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13, supporting their journey as they move through the school. This structure complements the year group structure, it enables students not only to get information and guidance appropriate to their year group but also to work with students from other year groups, which will help support their learning and educational aspirations. Everyone will attend regular house assemblies and there are also opportunities for other inter-house activities such as contests, sports day.

The house system supports progression through dedicated form time. To support learning, during the year students will have time with their form tutor and also the chance to work with other students. They will have opportunities to discuss their progress and how they could improve their current performance.

Each house is pivotal in supporting and monitoring the progress of our students. Everyone is encouraged to work with others to build positive relationships, achieve their potential, raise aspiration and celebrate success.

House Gallery
House House Leader House Colour
Birch Mrs Small Blue
Chestnut Miss Mowatt Lilac
Elm Mr Lewis Yellow
Hawthorn Mr Stephens Green
Sycamore Miss Arkison Peach
“A form tutor is a teacher whose subject is the student themselves”
Michael Marland