6F Dress Code

6F Dress Code

The way you dress is important. Students who dress smartly are focused, show pride in being a member of our sixth form, and act as role modules for younger students.

We expect sixth form students to be smartly dressed; not leisure or sports clothing (hoodies, sports tops, denim (including jackets), unsuitable t-shirts and trainers are not permitted).

To make this clearer an example of appropriate dress could be:

Male – shirt (optional tie), jacket, smart trousers, (or suit) and plain shoes.

Female – suitable top (eg blouse/shirt), skirt, trousers, (or suit) and plain shoes.

Students may wear heavy cotton black trousers (not jeans) as long as they are smart.

We also do not allow extreme haircuts, coloured hair, other than ‘natural’ colours and excessive facial/body piercings.

The sixth form at Shenley Brook End will not tolerate students who wish to abuse our dress code.  Sixth form tutors and Head of Sixth Form will have ultimate discretion about the implementation of the ‘dress code’ and will deem what is acceptable and what is not. 

With consideration to your environment, working ethos and a sensible manner, these issues should not become an item for discussion.