The Team/ Facilities

The Drama department has two full time subject specialist teachers and a visiting practitioner who regularly work with examination groups. The team organise and direct two large scale productions a year and run a number of theatre visits, extra-curricular clubs, projects and an annual residential drama trip. Drama has two dedicated studios complete with fully integrated, digitally controlled lighting systems, quadraphonic’s, 500 watt sound system – incorporating CD, minidisk and MP3 player ports, a large costume and props store, a developing range of classical and contemporary texts and moveable stacker staging. The school also boasts a large theatre to showcase and support the students drama work.

Key Stage 3

During years 7 and 8, students receive one timetabled period each week. Throughout the two years we cover basic acting skills, mask work, puppetry, genre, play texts, silent movies, comedy and Shakespeare. The focus of these lessons is to instil teamwork, self-control, co-operation, communication and mutual respect.


Key Stage 4

GCSE students will build on the practical techniques that were covered at key stage 3 as well as inherit many new drama skills. Within the course we cover a range of dramatic explorative strategies that are investigated practically and in written coursework. The course does require a great deal of commitment to extra rehearsal time and written coursework. The practical work is based on both original ideas and written scripts and extends to include set design, costume, props, lighting and sound. Opportunities to showcase student’s practical work occur through lesson based, public and externally examined performances.

This is a helpful website for you to use: www.bbc.co.uk/education

These are textbooks that we use: Phaion technical Theatre Manuals , Rhinegold Education Edexcel GCSE Drama Study Guide ISBN 978-1906178802,

Pearson Edexcel GCSE Drama Student Book ISBN 978-1846903717

If you want more inforamtion contact Miss A Mowatt.

sixth form

The Edexcel A Level course is taught by specialist teachers, in order for the students to receive high quality preparation for their practical and written exams. In the AS course the students study the practical and written exploration of play texts, whereupon they stage a scripted performance for examination. During the A Level course students expand their practical drama skills and work with more experimental techniques for an examined performance. Towards the end of Year 13 the focus shifts towards preparation for their written exam where students study a classical play text, explore a live performance and compare it to its original performance conditions. The students must commit to rehearsing outside of lessons. It is essential that a range of live theatre is seen and the department run a series of theatre trips over the 2 year course in order to accommodate these demands.

These are helpful websites: www.shakespearesglobe.com   www.shakespeare.org.uk

These are textbooks that we use: Phaion technical Theatre Manuals, Pearson Edexcel AS Drama & Theatre Studies ISBN  9781846902406

Pearson Edexcel A2 Drama & Theatre Studies ISBN : 9781846902383

If you want more information contact Miss A Mowatt.