Design & Technology


As a team of staff we seek to encourage our students to be inspired to acquire creativity; to understand and apply design knowledge and skills of a technological nature within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment so that they can meet the requirements of the National Curriculum at KS3, KS4 and beyond; to prepare them adequately for life in a technological society. Staff are pleased when students continue to follow the subject after leaving school in to higher education. A number of sixth form students have gone on to study design, engineering and architecture and space related design engineering at degree level.

Food preparation and nutrition is taught within the design and technology rotation at KS3.  It prepares students with the essential life skills of cooking whilst also making sure theay are safe and independent.  In addition, students learn how to follow a nutritionally balanced diet following the recommendations of the eat well guide.

The Team/Facilities

Design Technology comprises of three well equipped Resistant Materials workshops that enable students to design and work with wood, metal and plastics.  We also have two well equipped food classrooms for the teaching of Food Preparation and Nutrition, a specialist graphics room and a technician area where material resources are prepared.  CAD/CAM facilities include an A2 laser cutter, 3D printer and Creo and 2D design software.

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 study Design Technology for two lesson periods per fortnight, and Year 8 study Design Technology for two lesson periods per week. Group sizes are usually around 20 students. Groups are created by combining forms. Currently three groups are taught four times during the week in Year 8. Groups are currently tiered at the end of year 7.

These are helpful websites for you to use -

This is the textbook that we use :  Nuffield Design and Technology  Student Book. ISBN: 978-0582212664

 If you want more information contact Mr B Clarke or Mrs C Freeman (Food Preparation and Nutrition)                                                                                        

Key Stage 4

For our current Years 10 and 11 students, Design Technology is offered to students as an option subject. Students can select from four GCSE areas. These are Resistant Materials [AQA Specification], Graphic Products [Edexcel Specification], Food Preparation and Nutrition [AQA Specification] and Product Design [AQA specification]. During the week Years 9 and 10 students who have opted to undertake Design Technology will study for two lessons as a double period lesson which is usually practical in content and a single period lesson which focuses on the theoretical element of the specification. Class sizes are around 20 students. Boys and girls can opt for any of the specifications offered. The GCSE courses undertaken are split 60% coursework/folio work as an outcome for assessment and 40% final theoretical examination.

Food Preparation and Nutrition 

Students in Years 9-11 follow the AQA food preparation and nutrition specification.  There are 2 NEA tasks; NEA1 is the food investigation task which is worth 15% of the GCSE grade, NEA2is the food skills task which is 35% of the GCSE grade.  In addition there is also a written exam which is worth 50% of the GCSE grade.  All the tasks are completed in school during Year 11.  Years 9 and 10 lessons are designed to prepare the students for these tasks equipping them with necessary practical skills and understanding of ingredients and nutrition.  All GCSE students following this course have been issued with a log in to the digital resource: and are encouraged to access this at home to support their learning.  The username is: SSHEN3 and the password is STUDENT3.

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The digital resource can be purchased in a hardback copy.  Many textbooks are available, if purchasing please make sure that they support the AQA specification.

If you want more information contact Mrs C Freeman


These are helpful websites for you to use:

These are the textbooks that we use: Edexcel GCSE Design and Technology Graphic Products Student Book by Jon Atwood ISBN:978-1846907548

Essential - GCSE Design and Technology, Graphic Products

If you want more information contact Mrs C Easson

Product Design

This is the textbooks that we use: AQA GCSE Design Technology:Product Design ISBN 978-1408502761

Nelson Thorne - AQA Design and Technology, Product Design 1

If you want more information contact Mr P Darvill

Resistant Materials

These are the textbooks that we use: AQA GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology ISBN 978-1408502730

The Essentials of  GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials ISBN 978-1903068472

If you want more information contact Mr B Clarke

sixth form

Advanced level Design Technology – Product Design [OCR] board will be undertaken both at AS and A2 by candidates until the summer of 2017. Excellent results continue to be achieved. Candidates in Year 13 benefit from being a small group with high teacher contact time of five to six periods per week. In Year 12, students are following the new specification.

This is the textbook that we use: OCR Design and Technology for A Level ISBN: 978-0340966341

From September 2017 a 2 year OCR Board A level in Product Design will be available to candidates.

If you want more information, contact Mr B Clarke or Mr P Darvill