Careers Advice for Students

Students at Shenley Brook End School

All staff at the school will help to support you in developing the skills you need for the world of work.   You will receive information when appropriate about work experience opportunities, how your subjects link to careers, and will meet people from the world of work who could help you to acquire the skills and knowledge be successful in your chosen ambitions.

The school is committed to helping you to realise your potential and develop your understanding of what is available to you so that when you leave school, you will be equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that the world of work brings.

What can you expect

  • Assistance when choosing your GCSE options through career related activities with external companies and the Careers and WRL team.
  • To meet with a variety of employers throughout your time at Shenley Brook End School both in curriculum areas and through stand-alone events
  • To be given the opportunity to attend networking sessions with employers or career related trips
  • To have the opportunity to experience the world of work through a 2-week placement in Year 10
  • To have access to independent and impartial advice regarding your careers options and next steps and the end of Year 11 and Year 13.

Information for students

In addition to the activities and opportunities you can expect from us at school, it is always best if you develop your own skills and knowledge through extracurricular activities after school and in the school holidays. Employers are always impressed to see students who have shown they are engaged in multiple projects and have done more than the bare minimum.

If you are looking to make yourself the most competitive when applying for future options after Year 11/12/13 you may want to consider completing some of the following activities:

  • Gain work experience (ideally within the specific area you are considering pursuing after school)
  • Join a club of interest (this could be related to a career such as Army Cadets or be a club that could help you develop more generic work skills)
  • Do some volunteering
  • Create a website, build a model, write a blog
  • Set up a small business
  • Take part in fundraising activities
  • Complete the Duke of Edinburgh award
  • Apply for the NCS programme
  • Join a sport team
  • Get a part–time job

If you want to know how to start deciding what to aim for in your career or working life, try asking yourself these questions:

What do you enjoy doing? 

What subjects are you good at in school?

What are your hobbies?

What skills do you have (Think about your TENSILE skills)? 

What sort of a person are you?

Do you like interacting with people?

Would you like a job that is practical or more office based?

If you want more help answering these questions and deciding what you want to do please see our careers adviser or use the useful links section below.

 Useful links

How to get in touch

Speak with your Form Tutor, House Leader or Head of Year if you would like to arrange a careers related appointment.

Alternatively, you can speak directly with Mr Greenhalgh.